Meishan California Smart City, Landmark Clean Energy Development in Southwest China, Welcomes Its First Companies

2022-01-27 12:15:51 Source:Meishan California Smart City

Meishan California Smart City (MCSC), an emerging landmark of clean energy development and technology, has welcomed the arrival of its first 20+ global enterprises that have landed and are open for business.

Located in the heart of the fast-growing Tianfu New Area just south of Chengdu in Sichuan Province, MCSC was inspired and executed based on a 2017 agreement between Sichuan and California government leaders to collaborate on clean energy initiatives. Dedicated to cutting-edge energy storage technologies, MCSC is segmented into four core industrial ecosystems including next-generation battery technology, hydrogen technology, hot and cold storage, and mechanical energy storage.

Sichuan is a thriving hub of economic development in southwest China, promoting a clean, efficient energy consumption model contributing to making Sichuan a national clean energy demonstration province. The Sichuan government's report entitled Decision on Promoting Green and Low-carbon Industry Development to Achieve Carbon Neutrality Goal, issued on 2 December 2021 projected clean energy consumption in Sichuan to reach over 60% within the next five years and the business income generated from green and low-carbon industries to account for 20% for industrial enterprises over a designated size.

The MCSC Exhibition Center, located in the heart of Phase 1, provides a state-of-the-art venue for networking events, large-scale meetings, trade shows, and conferences. This distinctive structure uses the latest photovoltaic power generation technology, setting the standard for such applications throughout the development. The green management model used at MCSC has already yielded significant cost savings while also minimizing waste and enhancing sustainability.

"By applying clean energy technologies throughout the development, MCSC will not only guarantee a stable power supply, but will also optimize the peak-to-valley price difference to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency," said Jeffrey Chang, MCSC Chairman. "MCSC leverages a twin digital big data smart system to monitor the energy usage of the city in real time and matches this with self-sufficient electricity generation and production."

A prominent feature of Phase I, the futuristic MCSC Exhibition Center officially opened on 27 September 2021 and uses distributed photovoltaic (330KW) power to provide the development with approximately 51,000kWh of green electricity. This reduces carbon emissions by approximately 250 tons throughout the year. In addition, some clean energy and energy storage technologies developed by settled companies have been implemented at MCSC, such as the photovoltaic power generation technology installed on the roof of the Exhibition Center, the fast-charging pie with energy storage capacity, the solar photovoltaic seat, and the air conditioning chiller.

MCSC's first four office buildings are officially open for occupancy. The buildings are designed to provide enterprises with an intelligent work environment and contain smart operation systems and a broad array of amenities, including flexible multi-purpose meeting rooms, canteen, self-service supermarket, café, and tearoom to offer a comfortable and productive work and communication space

In 2022, MCSC will continue to advance its comprehensive clean energy model with energy storage technology as the core focus and smart generation and distribution as the means. With low-carbon and emission-reducing solutions, MCSC will realize its potential for leadership as a new smart city model in China that is energy-forward and fully sustainable, growing more efficient over time.