Meishan California Smart City at the 4th CIIE

2021-11-07 15:00:00 Source:Meishan California Smart City

Meishan California Smart City (MCSC), the newest smart city in Southwest China, has team members attending the 4th China International Import Exhibition (CIIE) to bring California clean energy products and technologies and their smart city applications to China’s enormous market. MCSC is a member of Bay Area Council, which has been bringing California companies, products, and services to China for years to explore sales opportunities there and has hosted the “California Pavilion” annually since CIIE began in 2018. BAC is the only organizer at CIIE presenting California brands exclusively, showcasing a wide range of products and services.

With thousands of buyers in attendance at CIIE looking for international products to import, the opportunity is ideal to showcase California companies, products, and technologies. The emphasis of MCSC is on promoting California innovation that supports smart cities and sustainability initiatives. With the dire need for solutions to climate change, the call for cities to become models of intelligent design and execution has never been more pressing. Inspired by an agreement between Sichuan and California government leaders to collaborate on clean energy initiatives, the 800-acre Sichuan-based MCSC is projected to become exactly such a model. 

In the opening ceremony of the California Pavilion at the China International Import Expo on 7 November 2021, California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis gave a speech enthusiastically emphasizing the longstanding relations between China and California and the importance of trade between the two. The California Pavilion has been organized and hosted by Bay Area Council at every CIIE since the first in 2018 and welcomes thousands of visitors.

“Inspired by California and Sichuan’s global leadership in clean energy development, MCSC aims to bring advanced clean energy and sustainable technologies to China using CIIE’s extraordinary importer network,” said Jeffrey Chang, Chairman of MCSC. “California-based Clean Energy Technologies Inc. (CETY), a publicly traded energy leader that has settled in MCSC, is a great example. CETY has gained worldwide recognition for creating low-cost, zero emissions heat-to-power and waste-to-energy solutions that provide clean energy from industrial waste heat or biomass. Buyers of CETY’s systems will have the ability to generate low-cost clean energy with low emissions and low maintenance costs. With the mandated move away from fossil fuels, CETY technologies offer a win-win all the way around. We are confident that buyers focused on clean energy will be as excited about this company and its products as we are.”
MCSC’s membership in Bay Area Council (BAC) was inspired by the Council’s longstanding support of sustainable, economically viable, livable cities.  The work of BAC has reverberated widely, with businesses, government leaders and institutions looking to the Council for advisory services and assistance with international expansion.