A New Standard for Clean Energy Living


A New Standard for Clean Energy Living

Develop "an International Clean Energy Industry Highland"

Energy Storage is the key to developing our smart city

  • Tech Supported

    Breakthroughs in energy storage are happening everyday. MCSC's mission is to utilize these innovations to their true potential

  • Policy Supported

    MCSC is fully supported by government policies that promote large scale clean energy development

  • Market Supported

    Sichuan's huge demand for centralized energy storage puts MCSC and Chengdu at large in the market’s spotlight

  • Investment Supported

    Clean energy investment is flourishing more than ever — with new energy projects and patents beginning every day

  • At its core, MCSC thrives on four ecosystems

    Build four major industrial ecosystems with the characteristics of Meishan and California

    Core Ecosystem

    Focus on research & development of Energy Storage technologies
    Companies within this ecosystem conduct research and development on energy storage, making MCSC the hotbed of the green industry. These companies will specialize in:
    • Electrochemical Cell

    •  Hydrogen Fuel Cell

    • Heat and Cold Storage

    • Electrical Energy Storage

    • Mechanical Energy Storage

    These Four Ecosystems Operate in 21 Major Installations — Each One Symbolizing the Commitment of MCSC's Fight Against Climate Change

    To Help Enterprises Thrive, MCSC Offers Seven Support Services

    • Inspection and Testing Services

      Material TestBattery Test

      Environmental TestReliability Test

    • IP Service

      Patent LicensingPatent Transfer

      Patent EvaluationPatent Application

    • Research & Guidance Service

      Trend InsightPolicy Research

      Investment AnalysisMarket Research

    • Value-Added Service

      Modeling StudyColor Study

      ErgonomicsInterface Study

    • Resource Sharing Service

      Capital IntegrationTalent Communication

      Technology TransferData Transaction

    • Talent Development Service

      Vocational EducationExecutive Training

      HR ClubMaster Workshop

    • Policy Service

      Government-Guide FundTax Incentives

      Talent ServiceEnterprise Service